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“Longing is a heartwarming and engaging romance novel that will keep you hooked until the very end.”


"It's always interesting to try out a new author and learn about the way they tell a story.

I really enjoyed the way Shannon Hrimnak told this story. The only disappointment is waiting for the 2nd book in the series."


Duet 1, Book 1 - of Resurrected Heart Series

Award-winning author Shannon Hrimnak unveils her first literary masterpiece

After Andrew's closest friend, Mark, courageously invites their best friend Jenny whom Andrew had secretly harbored feelings for to the Senior Prom, he gracefully steps aside, only to witness Mark and Jenny tying the knot. Fifteen years have passed and his heart remains tethered to her, but for the sake of his own sanity, he knows he must seek a new path. ♥


Amidst the fiery battles he faces as a dedicated firefighter in the heart of Phoenix, Andrew finds himself growing weary of spending his precious nights off in the company of fleeting acquaintances who pale in comparison to the one woman who has held his heart captive since his teenage years.


A glimmer of hope for a lasting love story emerges when he crosses paths with Katelyn. Yet, this newfound chance at happiness takes a perilous turn when Mark's investigation inches dangerously close to home, placing the woman Andrew has cherished for a lifetime in jeopardy.


Drew, a devoted Phoenix firefighter, is accustomed to battling blazes in his line of work. Little did he anticipate that he'd have to stand on the sidelines, helplessly watching the woman he loved but could never possess fight for his life.


This romance novel promises to tug at your heartstrings, taking you on a journey as Drew finally discovers what his heart has always yearned for. Get ready for a blend of suspense, unexpected twists, and an emotional voyage with a cast of endearing characters. This is the inaugural installment in a duet series, tailor-made for aficionados of firefighter romance, second chances at love, fiction, and clean romance.


If you’d like, a little bit of suspense, a little bit of deception, a little bit of secrets, and a massive cliffhanger with a hope for a second chance at romance this book is for you.

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Duet 1, Book 2 of Resurrected Heart Series 

Jenny's dreams were shattered when the man she believed would be her lifelong partner chose to confront the powerful city elites guarding their hidden secrets. In the aftermath of a near-death experience, can she rise above her profound loss and glimpse a brighter future in a world that seems consumed by darkness?


As the world closes in around her, will the man who captured her heart many years ago be her beacon of hope, or will she remain ensnared by her own despair?


Drew spent his adult life concealing his true feelings out of loyalty to their friendship, yearning for a love he believed was forever out of reach. He pursued what he thought was his happily ever after, only to discover it was a counterfeit compared to the genuine love he buried deep within himself fifteen years earlier.


Explore whether Drew and Jenny can reclaim what destiny seemingly denied them for so long, or if the trials life has thrown their way will continue to keep them from the love their hearts have yearned for all along.


To attain their long-awaited happily ever after, Drew and Jenny must navigate a tempest of emotions. It sounds straightforward, but life has a way of complicating matters that seem simple on the surface.


This romance novel promises to evoke a range of emotions, taking you on a heartfelt journey as Drew finally uncovers the love his heart has always sought. Be prepared for suspense, unexpected twists, and an emotional voyage alongside a captivating ensemble of characters.


This book marks the second installment in the duet series, perfectly suited for enthusiasts of firefighter romance, second chances at love, fiction, and clean romance!

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New Release
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Duet 2, Book 3 of Resurrected Heart Series 

A decade ago, they bade farewell with a heartfelt vow to reunite within a year, but fate had other plans. Could a homecoming trip rekindle the possibilities that once seemed destined?


When Mike Crenshaw's family relocated to the United States, he made a solemn pledge to Felicia, the woman who had stolen his heart, promising to return for her. The years rolled on, and that promise remained unfulfilled. In Mike's heart, Felicia forever held the title of "the one who got away."


Now, as a dedicated firefighter serving the Tempe, Arizona community, Mike receives word of his mother's ailing health and embarks on a journey back to New Zealand to care for her. In an unexpected twist of fate, he crosses paths with Felicia, discovering that his yearning for her remains as potent as ever. However, he soon learns she's married with a child, a reality that should urge him to keep his distance. Yet, the magnetic attraction between them proves irresistible. Meanwhile, Felicia harbors hidden secrets, trapped in a perilous situation at the mercy of a man who holds her life in his hands.


Can this duo set aside their past long enough to liberate Felicia from the clutches of her tormentor? Or will the sinister plots of her husband forever alter the course of their lives?


Prepare to be entranced by every riveting page of this captivating cozy mystery infused with romance!

CONTENT GUIDANCE: This book is not stand alone. It does end on a cliffhanger.  It contains some curse words and some verbal and physical domestic abuse which could trigger certain audiences

New Release
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Image by Bernard Hermant


Duet 2, Book 4 in the Resurrected Heart Series

After returning home to care for his mum, Mike Crenshaw reconnects with his teenage girlfriend, only to discover that the woman he thought he would spend his life with is married to another man and has a daughter.   But the marriage is anything but blissful, and the secrets kept hidden for ten years come out into the light of day.  


When Mike unexpectedly finds himself face to face with Felicia, he discovers she is not the same girl he once knew.  He uncovers that Felicia has been trying to break free from an elite husband who has beaten her spirit down emotionally and physically, and her ten-year-old daughter is his.  


Simon Bennett has deceived and manipulated everyone around him, including Felicia.  His conniving has put his life in danger, and now it has found the woman he married to gain a footing in his political career. The Chinese Triad, who are buying up land and building manufacturing plants, can not be messed with, and his mistake will cost him everything and may put Felicia and Rose in danger.


Can Mike and Felicia find common ground concerning their daughter, and can past hurst be forgiven and forgotten, or will the new family dynamics and Simon Bennet’s demise push them into a whirlwind romance — and will it lead to forever?

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About Shannon

Meet Shannon

About Author

Born in Germany and raised in El Paso Texas, Shannon Hrimnak moved to Phoenix after her first five years of marriage and loves the life she has established in the Valley of the Sun.  She has been married to her amazingly encouraging husband for thirty-plus years and has raised two children and several four-legged fur babies.  Her first grandbaby born in July of 2022 is about the one thing she will drop anything for.  New to empty nesting, her home is quiet but fulfilled with her two loyal dogs that were left behind when the kids moved out.  Now a new journey begins....

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Literary Awards

I am honored to have received several literary awards and recognition for my work. It's amazing to see my stories connect with readers and be appreciated by the literary community. Thank you to all who have supported me on my writing journey.

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