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Her love of stories began in her forties when her mother suggested she read an eight-hundred-page book. Prior, she was an avid self-help reader. Never starting small, she picked up the book and couldn't put it down. Like most women, her obligations are stacked from dust to dawn.  Reading about love and romance became an escape from real-life commitments in her busy life. That began a new journey and it was the influence of many authors that awakened the path to finding her own stories.  


She is an up-and-coming author of contemporary romance novels with a hint of suspense.  She works alongside her husband in real estate and is learning to navigate the ways around a life of being an empty nester.


When she isn't working with her husband in the business, she spends her free time reading, painting, and living it up without kids at home enjoying those Sunday night dance parties in the living room with just her and her husband.   


She looks forward to the next phase in life with their first grandchild and she hopes to give back to others what she receives when she picks up a book and smells the pages or turns on her kindle.  She recognizes that each person lives their life full-out and sometimes just picking up a glass of wine or whatever your drink of choice is and opening up your next favorite book is the best escape to unwind and find that special place where the mind can wander and dreams can begin.

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