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After returning home to care for his mum, Mike Crenshaw reconnects with his teenage girlfriend, only to discover that the woman he thought he would spend his life with is married to another man and has a daughter.   But the marriage is anything but blissful, and the secrets kept hidden for ten years come out into the light of day.  


When Mike unexpectedly finds himself face to face with Felicia, he discovers she is not the same girl he once knew.  He uncovers that Felicia has been trying to break free from an elite husband who has beaten her spirit down emotionally and physically, and her ten-year-old daughter is his.  


Simon Bennett has deceived and manipulated everyone around him, including Felicia.  His conniving has put his life in danger, and now it has found the woman he married to gain a footing in his political career. The Chinese Triad, who are buying up land and building manufacturing plants, can not be messed with, and his mistake will cost him everything and may put Felicia and Rose in danger.


Can Mike and Felicia find common ground concerning their daughter, and can past hurst be forgiven and forgotten, or will the new family dynamics and Simon Bennet’s demise push them into a whirlwind romance — and will it lead to forever?

Reunion - Duet 2 Book 4 (Resurrected Heart Series)

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