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Award-winning author Shannon Hrimnak unveils her latest literary masterpiece.


A decade ago, they bade farewell with a heartfelt vow to reunite within a year, but fate had other plans. Could a homecoming trip rekindle the possibilities that once seemed destined?


When Mike Crenshaw's family relocated to the United States, he made a solemn pledge to Felicia, the woman who had stolen his heart, promising to return for her. The years rolled on, and that promise remained unfulfilled. In Mike's heart, Felicia forever held the title of "the one who got away."


Now, as a dedicated firefighter serving the Tempe, Arizona community, Mike receives word of his mother's ailing health and embarks on a journey back to New Zealand to care for her. In an unexpected twist of fate, he crosses paths with Felicia, discovering that his yearning for her remains as potent as ever. However, he soon learns she's married with a child, a reality that should urge him to keep his distance. Yet, the magnetic attraction between them proves irresistible. Meanwhile, Felicia harbors hidden secrets, trapped in a perilous situation at the mercy of a man who holds her life in his hands.


Can this duo set aside their past long enough to liberate Felicia from the clutches of her tormentor? Or will the sinister plots of her husband forever alter the course of their lives?


Prepare to be entranced by every riveting page of this captivating cozy mystery infused with romance!


CONTENT GUIDANCE: This book is not stand alone. It does end on a cliffhanger.  It contains some curse words and some verbal and physical domestic abuse which could trigger certain audiences.

Secrets - Duet 2 Book 3 (Resurrected Heart Series)

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